To Good Purpose

I've had some thoughts about the things I do online. I've come to the conclusion that I use my entire online presence for three purposes, each distinct.

Online activism.

I post stuff that is relevant to me. I make no bones about my leanings, political and spiritual. About the only position I am steadfastly opposed to is all flavours of right-wing stance. Bigotry, hatred, capitalism, worship of greed and opportunism have no place anywhere on my blogs, save to expose their hypocrisy.


I keep my blogs, Facebook, tumblr and emails open to facilitate communications between me and mine - my f'lists, loved ones, friends and family.


Yes, my presence online - my online brand - is a source of entertainment. As much as I am here to provide education and communication, I'm here to amuse and delight my friends and family.

I've been listening to local people's descriptions of Facebook, and what it means to them - and for the most part, there's little awareness of what is being called "brand maintenance" regarding the use of social media such as email, FB, G+, tumblr and blogs as the face you present to the online world. Perhaps others do so through tumblr, Blogger, LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter, of course; but this is a thing that I am doing, whether other people are using their social media this way or not.

I wouldn't spend nearly so much time online, if I did not put my social media presence to good purpose.

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