Bias At The BBC

On Thursday May 22 2014, Britain held a European election, and England held a council election. In that battle, Labour gained new seats, the Liberal Democrats and tories lost heavily, and - among other gains - the Green Party achieved opposition status in a handful of councils across England (a first for the Green Party, who have never managed to hold more than minority party status).

However, no matter how much the parties succeeded or failed, only one thing was on the BBC's mind during election day itself and in the post-electoral afterglow: the rise and rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, or UKIP.

Led by Toad of Toad Hall, Ukip gained a few votes, but failed to actually secure so much as a single council. However, the BBC's intense, passionate love affair with this politician with the Innsmouth Look would brook no rivals - it was, to the BBC< UKIP all the way. Almost as if the BBC were desperate to report UKIP's victory followed by the swift ousting of Prime Minister David Cameron from Number 10. In Transmetropolitan terms, this would be like The Smiler being replaced by The Beast. UKIP are the UK version of the American Tea Party. Had the Green Party received even so much as a third of the coverage the BBC gave to Farage, I'm sure there would be far more Green Party councillors elected, and even perhaps a few council and European gains by the Greens, whose policies are actually sensible. In the wake of the catastrophically biased reportage by the BBC, this video emerged to commemorate this shift in their policies towards British Tea Party lunacy.

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