Got this in my inbox this morning.

Invitation to be my guest‏

Baroness Doreen Lawrence

To: ***********************


It's my honour to invite you to join my table at a Labour dinner and party hosted by Ed Miliband on 9 July in London.

Please make a suggested donation of £3 to help us win the next election, and you (and a friend) will be automatically entered into a draw to be my guests at Labour's annual gala dinner next month.

You'll have a chance to chat with Ed Miliband, and then you'll join me at my table for dinner.

We want to give this opportunity to supporters from anywhere in the country, so Labour will cover travel to London and a night's accommodation for you and your guest.

There will be many great and inspiring Labour supporters, campaigners and politicians there to celebrate — and I hope you'll be there too.

Good luck, and I hope to see you on the night.


Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE

P.S. You can fill out this form to enter without donating, but we really do need more funds to beat the Tories next year, and even as little as £3 will help!

The prize draw is open to individuals aged 16 or over who are resident in the UK. Each person may submit one entry to the free prize draw, except if an entrant agrees to save their payment information with us, which will give them a second entry. You can save your payment information after making a donation here. Every entry will go into the draw, whether or not a donation is made. If you wish to enter without making a donation, please fill in this form. There are no tickets but each participant will be allocated a unique number that will be entered into the draw. Automated or third party entries will be disqualified. Labour Party employees are not permitted to enter. The competition will run from 6 June 2014 until Sunday 29 June at 11.59pm. Entries must be completed online by the closing date. Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries within five days of the closing date and will be contacted using the email address or phone number supplied. Winners' names will be published on our website, and winners permit to have their photo taken and video filmed at the event; this content may be published on the Labour Party website or used in other promotional material for the party. The personal details supplied for the prize draw entry will not be passed to any third party in compliance with our privacy policy. The Labour Party reserves the right to withdraw a prize and to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the prize draw or extend or resume the entry period or disqualify any participant at any time without giving advance notice and will do so if it cannot be guaranteed that the prize draw can be carried out fairly or correctly for technical, legal or other reasons or if the Labour Party suspects that any person has been manipulating entries or the results or has acted unethically in any other way.

Wau. My star is rising.

Edit: My reply below.

Dear Lady Lawrence,

Thank you for the courteous offer. It does sound like a marvellous opportunity; however, I am afraid that due to personal commitments on that day I must decline.

All my hopes that you have a most splendid event; and should similar future events present themselves, I would hope that they will fall on days when I am free to accept any future invitations.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Greene BSc.

Because nobility does not automatically come with a title.

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  1. The Union cuts must be hurting, to even suggest this, I was invited many years ago when I was an activist to have a photo taken with Harold Wilson, but never dinner and for £3 worth it even though it's a bit of a bribe.


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