2014 11 11: A World Of Jobs - The Jobs Fair

So today, I attended a jobs fair event at Glyndwr University, just to show that I was on the jobs market. It involved, among other things, putting on a new suit.

Photos of me in the suit to follow shortly.

I have missed jobs fairs. They are boring to some, but to me they are a golden opportunity to do some socialising, a little networking, some pressing the flesh, and some listening out for possible opportunities to pursue in the future.

I met some people I know from different places. Not everybody was thrilled to come to this fair - they came because they had to, for the most part - but it was just so cool to meet up with people I had not seen since before the surgery.

More than a calendar year ago.

I got printouts done of my CV before attending - and most of them stayed behind when I left, which is a very good thing.

There is one down side to this whole thing. A number of charity stores in town had a really bad staff day, because I recognised a lot of unemployed volunteers from those stores milling about in the event. They might all have been required to attend. I do not know. But it may have left a lot of the charity stores somewhat short staffed today.

Anyway, it was good to be back; good to be meeting old friends and making new ones.

And a reminder: photos forthcoming soon.

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