One Year On, Part 2

So part 1, in Hypnotic Erotic, noted how I went into surgery in the morning of November 6, 2013, after suffering from gall bladder problems for a considerable time.

The worst of the problems surrounding my gall bladder came in 2012, the day after my folks' wedding anniversary. The evening of November 25 2012, a Sunday if I recall correctly, things went really bad for me about 19:30, when a pain began in my abdomen that refused to go away. The paramedics shot me up with a double dose of morphine, but the most that did was make things feel very strange for me. I was able to walk to the ambulance even shot up with a double dose of the morphine, would you believe it.

This was the situation which had plagued me in the runup to the surgery. The pain would come and go, seemingly at random. But at least I knew what it was - and that meany that I could do something about it.

For one thing, meditation practice tended to produce measurable, if not astonishing, results when the medics conducted their preliminary tests of my heart rate, blood pressure and so on. One of them stared goggle-eyed at my blood pressure test; under the influence of mediation, it dropped like a stone as he watched. Damnedest thing he ever says he saw.

So anyway, yes. Recovery.

It had been meant to be a simple keyhole surgery. But my gall bladder had plans, oh yes. Such as putting gallstones into my bile ducts, forcing the keyhole surgeon to withdraw in a hurry and bring in the chief gallbladder and liver surgeon to, as the regular surgeon put it, "join the dots and cut ..."

There followed a stay in the hospital of several days. It wasn't that bad ... I mean, apart from when the bloody football was on.

The story continues in Perchance To Dream.

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