Tau Recitation Record Event

I received this email from Michael Hartl, founder and chief proponent of The Tau Manifesto, announcing an event he found really exciting:-

"I have an exciting announcement about a likely tau recitation record taking place next month. On May 6 in the town of Bethel, Connecticut, a twelve-year-old seventh grader by the name of Ethan Brown plans to establish a new world record by reciting from memory 2000 digits of tau. This will be part of a fundraising event for the Bethel Public Library. The world-record attempt will be monitored by Bethel's first selectman Matt Knickerbocker and the superintendent of schools Dr. Kevin Smith. It will also be recorded on video and submitted to http://recordsetter.com/. The event will also include magic, raffles, contests, and more.

"To learn more about the event and to pledge your support for Ethan's efforts, visit his website at http://www.Tau2000.com/. (I have pledged 5 cents per correctly recited digit as a show of my support.) You can also follow Ethan on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Ethan_Math to keep up to date on the development of this event.

"Good luck, Ethan!

Sounds impressive. I hope the kid does it, all 2,000 digits correctly recited.

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