That Star Trek Newspaper Interview

Today, I had an interview for a newspaper, the topic of which was the forthcoming Star Trek movie and its screening in the local cinema.

I was very well received at the cinema by the journalist and photographer, and we had a good chat. The journalist had Googled an old Daily Post interview from some time back, and he only needed to update some facts for the present. That didn't take much time, and much of the interview involved the photographer taking some photos of me and the cinema's rather bemused manager standing before a copy of The Klingon Dictionary. The usual thing.

I rattled off some Klingon, to the amusement of the manager and journalist. I've emailed it to him so he can cut and paste; but here it is below.

Star Trek Into Darkness in Klingon is poH mIgh 'el leng Hov (it would have been leng Hov Hurgh but for the concern that that would translate as Star Trek Pickle)

Here is the Klingon which I left with the journalist:-

jabbI'IDvam poH mIghqu' 'el DIvI' 'entepray' beq je. Hoch toDlaH'a' qIrq HoD pagh qun moj'a' DIvI'? wej jISovbe'. not mev peghmey.

In this movie, the Federation and the crew of the Enterprise enter a very dark time. Can Captain Kirk rescue everybody, or is the Federation going to be history? I don't know yet. Secrets Never Cease.

We'll see how the interview turns out, but right now I have some good news.

I now have two tickets for the 20:00 showing of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 9 at Odeon Wrexham, for me and a plus one. That means I'll be looking for a plus one to come along with me to this early showing.

Any takers?

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